About us

The Living Lab Public Health Mosa (AWPG Mosa) is a collaboration between GGD Zuid-Limburg, Maastricht University and Care and Public Health Research Institute (CAPHRI). Together we work at the intersection of policy, research and practice within public health care.

“Mosa”, derived from the river Meuse, symbolizes the flow of knowledge and connecting parties in the fields of practice, research and policy. Like the Meuse, AWPG Mosa goes beyond Limburg’s borders and we are also active on a national, euregional and international level.


AWPG Mosa, formerly AWPG Limburg, has been committed to better Public Health since 2006. With publica health practitioners, chain partners, municipalities, education and citizens we work on social issues in public health. For example, we work closely with MUMC+, other Academic Centres for Public Health (e.g. within CAPI), other regional Public Health Services (GGDs) and Trendbreuk.

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We research, connect and share knowledge for a strong public health. By doing so, we give public health a stronger scientific foundation, we involve research institutions more in social issues, and we can provide municipalities with a sound basis for policy choices. We do this by:

  • Acquiring knowledge (scientific research) – including data management and analysis
  • Sharing knowledge – with fact sheets, articles, conferences, reference evenings, consultation and public communication (newsletter, website)
  • Exchange knowledge (teaching and mentoring) – with BA and Ma internships, M&G Aios, science internships, internal training and professionalization
  • Networking and collaborating – with chain partners, municipalities, other AWPGs, among others


The main themes of AWPG Mosa are:

  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Healthy youth and intergenerational transmission
  • Integral health policy
  • Euregional cooperation

The team

The daily management of AWPG Mosa is in the hands of the program leader, Prof. Dr. Christian Hoebe. The program leader stimulates and secures the cooperation between the GGD Zuid-Limburg and Maastricht University. The management team of AWPG Mosa consists of 6 program coordinators in addition to the program leader. Together they are responsible for the management of the substantive themes. In addition, there is the AWPG core team with (senior) researchers who develop research proposals, project plans, and policies. Finally, there is the AWPG community. These are all PhD students, researchers, AIOS and students who carry out the various research projects within AWPG Mosa.

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